Coral Collection - this first collection reflects the actual colors of the corals in the ocean. The same red hues are carried through the entire collection.

Geological Collection - as of now this collection is conceived for digital printing.


Botanical Collection - these designs are based on secondary colors. Magnolia and Castanea designs will be available in additional colors.


Recommended FABRICS

Sheeting - cotton, perfect for quilting and bedding, 60" width.

Sailcloth - cotton, perfect for upholstery, 63" width.

Linen/Cotton Blend - 55% linen, 45% cotton, bedding, quilting, accessories, 56" width.

Shanon Linen - linen, great for drapery, bedding and upholstery, 60" width.

Outdoor Canvas - 100% polyester and mold resistant, 56" width.



Licensing - all the collections are available for licensing.

Custom Designs - designs or other colorways that are not part of the collections are available upon request, as are hand-painted patterns.

Custom Orders - please contact me to discuss fabric options, test runs, custom colorways, and minimum orders.

Wallpaper - some designs in the Botanical Collection are available as wallcoverings.

E-mail -

Phone - +1.917.549.3181